2016. október 10.

The congress of 4K! decided to end active participation in party politics and that not to take part in the next parliamentary elections. Accordingly we are dissolving the Fourth Republic Party but will continue to pursue political activities as a movement. We want to be present where we can fight effectively against Orbán’s system.

There is no point in participating in the pseudo-democracy that Viktor Orbán has created in Hungary. Similarly to Russia and Turkey the government has developed an authoritarian system which keeps democratic institutions as decorations while eliminating real democratic competition and the independence of the different branches of power.

In a system like this any opposition party which accepts the one-sided rules only supports the system.

We don’t see how a party could fight for republican goals in Orbán’s system and not legitimize its existence.

In a real democracy the goal of an extra-parliamentary party would be to win mandates in the parliament. However, after considering the situation we concluded that we don’t want to gain representation in the parliament of this system: there is no real purpose in having representatives as the parliament is not a place where we could achieve change and fight effectively for our important social goals. Thus we see no point of participating in the elections.

There are too many parties in this country that only exist on paper. We don’t want to become one of them so we are dissolving the Fourth Republic Party.

This was not an easy decision but one that feels right under the current circumstances.

We still believe in everything 4K! has stood for. We didn’t come to this conclusion because we think that the republican principles are not valid any more, quite the contrary: we believe they are as true as ever. Collaborating with this system would mean renouncing our beliefs.

Therefore we suggest all opposition parties to stop legitimizing the Orbán regime and stop playing the part of a decorative opposition in the parliament.


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